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Out of Control Schools

Failing Our KidsElementary schools have become a significant battle ground in the cultural war over conflicting values. Well-organized political activists are manipulating what’s being taught in public schools in an effort to promote alternative sexual lifestyles as the new “normal.” Their tactics include subverting the concept of family, usurping the role of parents, and using children to accomplish their political agenda.

School boards and teachers unions have enthusiastically signed on, and are integrating alternative sexual lifestyles and new family structures into curricula, instructional materials, and school programs throughout the country, without the knowledge and consent of parents.

Why hasn’t all of this caused a major public controversy? Because most people have no idea this is happening in the classroom. Partly because the elite media supports these alternative sexual lifestyle programs and won’t expose them. Partly because schools are intentionally hiding these programs from parents and the public.

Harming Education

Supplanting academics with political propaganda is ruining public education. Schools now spend so much time indoctrinating children on a wide range of historical, social, political, environmental, and sexual issues, that basic academic subjects are being neglected. As a result, U.S. education continues to decline in comparison with other developed countries. And California, at the forefront of propagandizing, rates among the three worst states in Trading on trend retracements the nation in academics.

One of the most damaging areas of manipulation is teaching 5 to 10 year-olds about gender choices and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (“LGBT”) lifestyles. Sex education in schools used to be information about physical maturation– starting about 6th grade. But political activists now want it to promote LGBT sexual lifestyles – starting in kindergarten!

The “queering of public schools,” as political activists call it, is spreading rapidly in a growing number of states, and is being promoted through anti-bullying programs – which aren’t about bullying, but are about creating a climate of revering alternative sexual lifestyles.

Harming Children

Destroying Innocence
Advocating LGBT sexual practices in grades K-5 exposes children to themes they are too young to understand and robs them of their innocence. Asking 5 to 10 year olds to publicly identify their sexuality can lock them into gender choices and sexual lifestyles they may not otherwise have selected, or might otherwise have outgrown.

Confusing Gender  LGBT activists are teaching 5 to 10 year olds that being a boy or a girl is not a part of nature, but a product of social robinhood trading conditioning – and that they should choose the gender they “think they want” and change their sexual identity whenever they feel like it. These messages cause young children anxiety and create unnecessary doubts about their own gender.

Sexualizing Kids  School Boards are adopting required reading lists for elementary grades that promote alternative sexual lifestyles and teach kids that they can “choose” their own gender. All of this sexualizes little kids too early and encourages them to explore their sexuality before they are old enough to understand the consequences of sexual activity.

Harming Parents

In order to indoctrinate children, political activists seek to separate children from the influence of their parents by undermining parental authority.

School boards violate parental rights by allowing political radicals to advocate LGBT lifestyles in the earliest grades of elementary school without parental knowledge, consent, or involvement. Children are also being told that religious values taught at home are hateful – and that their parents and grandparents are intolerant and bigoted if they do not accept the radical redefinitions of sex, marriage, and family.

Refusing to let parents know about and approve of controversial material being taught to their children, particularly when it is sexual in nature, and refusing to allow binary options trading strategy parents to opt their children out of participating in these classes, violates and damages parental rights. Removing parents from their rightful responsibility for the moral and sexual development of their children destroys the credibility and authority of parents, damages the parent-child relationship, and marginalizes the institution of the family.

Harming Minorities

The political activists pushing these radical programs gain power by portraying themselves as victims. They claim their cause is one of civil rights, equal rights, and tolerance. Yet they are more than equal. They now control the arts, entertainment, politicians, public schools, colleges, and the media. With that power they are creating victims. Their victims are 5 to 10 year-old children who are being sexualized and confused. Their victims are parents, who are being stripped of their right to know about and participate in what their children are sexually exposed to.

When parents complain about sexualizing programs that contradict their religious beliefs, they are told to “go find other sources of education.” But that is not possible for low-income working parents – most of whom are ethnic minorities. They don’t have the time to home school and can’t afford private school. When ethnic parents voice their concerns, it is branded as hate speech. All of this violates their parental rights and their constitutional rights to free exercise of religion and freedom of speech. This is particularly onerous for minorities, who are the true civil rights victims.

in the spotlight

Vallejo California School Board Meeting on LGBT Curriculum

Vallejo parents feel bullied by a pro-LGBT program, because they didn’t get to review it and weren’t allowed to excuse their children from it.

Parents were particularly angry about 3 films shown to kids from kindergarten through high school about alternative sexual lifestyles. The program is called “Respect for All,” but because parents can’t opt their children out, parents are feeling disrespected. Students testified they were uncomfortable about the training, and didn’t like having it forced on them.

Despite opposition, the School Board decided to keep the pro-LGBT program, made it mandatory, and refused to allow parents the right to opt out their children.

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