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We Do Not Disclose the Names of Our Donors

We will not disclose your name to the public.  We won’t even thank you by name in our meetings without your written consent.  (By way of comparison: Contributions to Political Action Committees are limited in the amount you can give, are not tax deductible, and your name and donation are required to be made public.  Contributions to non-profit charities, like Protect Kids Foundation, however, are just the opposite.  You are not limited in the amount you can give, your gifts are fully tax deductible, and your name and donation is not required to be made public.)

Tax exempt organizations are to report certain donors on Schedule B of their annual 990 form. However, the names and addresses of these donors must be removed before the IRS releases form 990 to the public.  In order for donors to be included on Schedule B, they must meet a two-part test:  1) the donor’s total contributions to the charity for the year must exceed $5,000 AND  2) the donor’s total contributions for the year must be more than two percent (2%) of the charity’s annual revenues.

(For example, if we receive $1,000,000 in donations in a given year, only donors who gave more than 2%, or $20,000, would be listed on Schedule B.  And the IRS is not allowed to make the names of those donors public.)

If you want to donate more than 2% of our annual revenues – and of course we would like that – and you do not want to be included in any report to the IRS, we have an IRS approved procedure to receive your donation without including your name on Schedule B.  We would love to explain it to you.

Simply contact us.


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