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Harming Education

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Harming Education

Supplanting academics with political propaganda is ruining public education. Schools now spend so much time indoctrinating children on a wide range of historical, social, political, environmental, nutritional, moral, and sexual issues, that basic academic subjects are being neglected. As a result, U.S. education continues to decline in comparison with other developed countries. And California, at the forefront of propagandizing, rates among the three worst states in the nation in academics.

One of the most damaging areas of manipulation is teaching 5 to 10 year-olds about gender choices and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (“LGBT”) lifestyles.

Sex education in schools used to be information about physical maturation – starting about 6th grade. But political activists now want it to promote LGBT sexual lifestyles – starting in kindergarten!

The “queering of public schools,” as political activists call it, is spreading rapidly in a growing number of states, and is being promoted through anti-bullying programs – which aren’t about bullying, but are about creating a climate of revering alternative sexual lifestyles.

The Protect Kids FoundationTM was created to bring transparency to this reckless exploitation of our children and our schools. We seek to stop schools from abusing their positions as role models and authority figures for our children. Our mission is to get schools back to the unbiased teaching of academics and to stop using our children as pawns for social change.


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