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Protecting Children • Empowering Parents • Promoting Education

The Protect Kids FoundationTM is a national advocacy organization that takes a proactive, grassroots approach to advocate for improved academic education and against attempts to indoctrinate and socially engineer our children.

A growing number of school boards, bowing to the pressure of political activists, are adopting curricula that advocate lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (“LGBT”) lifestyles in an effort to transform society. These radical initiatives, disguised as anti-bullying instruction, are harming children, marginalizing parents, and damaging education. These lessons are sexualizing young children, robbing them of their innocence, confusing their gender development, and pressuring them to inappropriately explore their sexuality and engage in sex with a variety of partners at very early ages. School boards are further undermining parents by not allowing them to opt their children out of these controversial classes.

The mission of the Protect Kids FoundationTM is to empower parents and local citizens to stop elementary schools from using our children as pawns for social change, and to get schools back to the unbiased teaching of academics. We insist that all children have a safe and welcoming learning environment free of intimidation – and also free of political and sexual indoctrination and recruitment. We want to protect the innocence of little kids, particularly from ages 5 through 10. We do not want them being taught about and encouraged to explore any sexual lifestyles.


  • Our children’s childhood and innocence should be safeguarded. Their gender and sexuality should be allowed to develop without coercion or manipulation by LGBT activists.
  • Parents have the superior right and responsibility for the education and moral training of their children.
  • Public Education is an institution to assist parents in educating their children, and must be accountable to parents.
  • Schools must focus on teaching academics and eliminate any political or sexual indoctrination or recruitment.


The Protect Kids FoundationTM seeks to:

  1. Make schools and school boards transparent and accountable by monitoring and evaluating them.
  2. Inform parents, the press and the public about what is happening in their schools and to their children.
  3. Teach and empower parents how to exercise their parental rights and influence their child’s education.
  4. Increase the teaching of academics and eliminate indoctrination in public schools.
  5. Improve public school campuses, courses, text books and instruction.
  6. Help make schools safe from bullying for all children.
  7. Provide resources for families, students and schools on child development and education-related subjects.
  8. Unite with like-minded organizations to create a unified force to protect children.


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