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Get Involved

Here are some things you can do to help protect children, empower parents, promote education, and stop public schools from indoctrinating and sexualizing our children:

1. Volunteer. Become a local school or school board monitor, and/or create or participate in a local parent/student action group. These are some of the best ways you can help. We’ll train you how, what to look for,
and how to protect kids.

2. Donate. Financially support the Protect Kids FoundationTM.

3. Share. Submit tips, links, articles, essays and blogs.

4. Communicate. Report school abuses and successes. Share your experiences. Give us your ideas.

5. Demand to participate in your school’s decision making regarding alternative sexual lifestyle instruction. Send this “Student Opt-Out Form” to your school’s principal and to all of your child’s teachers.

6. Take responsibility for your child’s moral training. Teach correct principles. Do not abdicate your parental rights or responsibilities to government.

7. Stay informed. Read. Observe. Learn what the LGBT agenda is all about and what it does to kids.

8. Sign up for our emails (News and Updates).

9. Join your local school PTA. Become an officer. Get involved in State PTA conventions as a voting member where “initiatives” are decided.

10. Spread the word. Share our website and publications. Encourage others to volunteer and/or donate to the Protect Kids FoundationTM.

11. Speak out. Blog, post, email, and make forum comments on appropriate internet sites. Write letters to the editor.  Speak up at PTA and School Board meetings.

12. Contact your elected officials. Let them know what you think on important school and protect-kids issues.

13. Participate in our events and initiatives, or host or sponsor an event.


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