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What We Do

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What We Do

book coverSex education in schools used to be information about human maturation and reproduction. Now activists want it to promote alternative sexual lifestyles. This is often disguised as anti-bullying instruction.

The Protect Kids Foundation was created to make this exploitation of our children transparent.  Our mission is to get schools back to the unbiased teaching of academics and to stop using our children as pawns for social change.

Our primary battle is to stop the alternative sexual lifestyles education and LGBT anti-bullying initiatives, particularly in grades K through 5.  These radical initiatives are sexualizing our children, robbing them of their innocence, confusing their gender development, and pressuring them to explore their sexuality and engage in sex with a variety of partners at very early ages.

Protect Kids FoundationTM Programs and Objectives

The Protect Kids FoundationTM is a tax-exempt, non-profit, charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We work with and through local constituents, according to their needs.  We are not a broad-scope advocacy or informational organization. Our role is to strengthen the local political power of like-minded individuals and help marshal grassroots support.  We provide expertise, experience and services.  We analyze voter data, help frame issues, produce printed materials, guide in the use of Internet resources, and help draw news media attention to local situations. 

   1.  We create, train and supervise a volunteer monitor network to monitor and evaluate schools and school boards and alerts parents, the press and the public about what is happening in their schools and to their children.

   2.  We assist with organizing and training local advocacy groups to apply pressure to local school boards to conform their policies and programs to parental concerns. 

   3.  We create communications campaigns of internet news, press-releases, blogs, ads, and commentaries to inform parents, the press, and the public about trends and proposals for school policies and curriculum.  

   4.  We maintain a resource center that provides information, curriculum and resources for schools, families, churches, legislatures, and the media on school-related topics.

Protect Kids Action FundTM Programs and Objectives

Our affiliated organization, the Protect Kids Action FundTM (“PKAF”), is a tax-exempt, non-profit, charitable organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Its primary programs consist of the following:

    1.  Informing parents, the press, and the public, through spokespeople, news media, and events, about proposed school board decisions or legislation harmful to children and education.

    2. Developing and implementing initiatives and events that encourage and organize parents and the community to testify at hearings, to lobby school boards and legislators, and to engage in demonstrations of opposition or support. 

    3. Creating or promoting conferences, workshops and training sessions with other organizations that are interested in protecting kids and improving public education.

    4. Less than 15% of PKAF’s time is spent engaging in “advocacy communication” on child and education-related issues.

    5.  Less than 15% of PKAF’s time is spent “lobbying” in an attempt to influence state and federal legislation and local school board decisions that affect children, schools and/or education.  More specifically: PKAF contacts and urges the public to contact members and employees of legislative bodies for purposes of proposing, supporting or opposing legislation, and/or advocating the adoption or rejection of legislation.

    6.  Less than 8% of PKAF’s time is spent engaging in “political campaign activities” on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for school board elections and other elections related to children, schools and/or education.  More specifically: PKAF disseminates information to the public and to targeted voters, identifying candidates for public office and/or ballot issues that are related to children, schools and/or education.


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