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Harming Minorities

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Harming Minorities

The political activists pushing these radical programs gain power by portraying themselves as victims. They claim their cause is one of civil rights, equal rights, and tolerance. Yet they are more than equal. They now control the arts, entertainment, politicians, public schools, colleges, and the media. With that power they are creating victims.

Their victims are 5 to 10 year-old children, who are being sexualized and confused. Their victims are parents, who are being stripped of their right to know about and participate in what their children are sexually exposed to, and stripped of their voice in their children’s education.

When parents complain, they are told to “go find other sources of education.” But that is just not possible for low-income working parents – most of whom are ethnic minorities. They don’t have the time to home school and can’t afford private school. When they learn that public schools are harming their children, and teaching their children that the family’s moral standards are wrong and bigoted, these ethnic parents feel frightened, helpless, and angry.

These radical LGBT programs are depriving ethnic parents of the right to decide what their children are being taught about gender choices and alternative sexual lifestyles – programs that are in direct conflict with their religious beliefs. When ethnic parents voice their concerns, it is branded as hate speech. All of this violates their parental rights and their constitutional rights to free exercise of religion and freedom of speech. This is particularly onerous for minorities, who are the true civil rights victims. This is a struggle of the powerless against the powerful, the poor against the wealthy elite, the rights of religion and speech against forced education in subjects contrary to the wishes of parents.


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